Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Our Expertise

SAP Mobile Platform: SMP apps are developed using Sybase unwired platform and Syclo Agentry. Sybase Unwired platform is a middleware which stores data in its cache and made available to devices as needed depending on synchronization policies, using SUP mobile app is developed for various platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows.

Sybase unwired platform provide common method for Looking at Enterprise data be it like solutions from web services to SAP package applications,custom applications or even on document repositories. Developer can have common view of these data sources called as Mobile Business Objectwhich is very key component of Sybase; it reduces the complexity of mobile application on various devices.

Following are our strengths for developing apps.
  • Development of app in Android, I-Phone, Windows Mobile, Ruggedize laptop and various tablets.
  • Development of oData apps and Mobile Workflow applications using Hybrid Web Container in SUP.
  • SUP installation, up gradation, configuration and Mobile app deployment.
  • Configuration of Push Notification GCM for Android and Apple push notification for IOS.
  • Experience in defining various synchronization policies i.e. On Demand, Scheduled, DCN and Online.
  • Development of app using REST, SOAP, JASON Web services.
  • Relay Server Configuration and installation.
  • Relay server Outbound Enabler for Message base and Replication base synchronization.
  • Integration with SUP and SAP (FM and BAPI).